A musical tale about the new worldwide trend that embraces the concept of Slow-Life - taking a step back from today’s chaotic, hectic life to embrace an everyday simpler life, enjoying every step of it with all our senses…

After 2 years of private screenings in Los Angeles, London, Paris,
Toronto and 3000 delighted viewers, WITH is on its run at
2020 international film festivals and won awards for

Rami is a director and photographer awarded for his cinematography and the vision he carried with his movies. His Photography has been unveiled in renowned Art Galleries around the world. While screenings of his first movie WITH took place at international film festivals in London, Toronto, Nice, Palm Springs, Hollywood and his music was awarded as Best Song at Palm Springs International Film Festival.

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First Movie of Lola James Harper.
Musical and poetic. About friendship and globe trotting the world.

Original Soundtrack

Globe-trotting through the years, discovering the world, family and friendship through music, WITH is a poetic and musical film counting a search of peace, togetherness, simple joy and present.
10 years of travel footage and un-released original soundtrack…


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"How many people have you met through music? There will always be times when music made connections with people who are even strangers. As been said in this documentary film With, music is togetherness. This documentary is beautiful and inspiring. It tracks the journey of a couple who kept on traveling and sharing their music and love for harmony. The couple showed that they are on the same page and their goals play beautiful music together. Watching With is so relaxing and calming. It is like it is telling me to slow and relax and enjoy beautiful music. This documentary sends a message that life is not always hectic and busy. It can be productive even if you are slowing things down. I love this documentary as it is a joy to the heart and speaks to the heart. Beautiful music, amazing cinematography and inspiring concept; this documentary is definitely a worthy watch".

Utah Film Festival

About Rami Mekdachi

Rami Mekdachi was born in 1971 in Beirut, Lebanon, and raised in Paris, France. He lived in Lancaster, England for a few years, and spent some summers in the San-Juan Islands and Seattle, Washington. Rami is a photographer, musician, movie director, and founder of the worldwide Art Project, Lola James Harper. He has spent 15 years traveling with his family of 4, recording music, filming their music sessions, encounters, talks, and road-trips.

"Globe-trotting through the years, a camera and a guitar
in my hands, discovering the world, family and friendship
through music, I wanted to share how togetherness and
slow-life can be. Music is not a sound or a song,

music is what embraces us all and gathers our souls.
Playing music is like talking all together at the same time
to create a sentence that no one had in mind before and
that’s the magic of togetherness. I had the chance to
meet and share moments with amazing friends of friends
of friends. Our songs are like a sound-picture of our
encounter and a hint on what happened then.

Playing together is a way to be anchored in the present
together. this movie is a poetic and musical tale shaping a
decade of road-trips, encounters, talks and dreams to
count a search of peace, togetherness and present."

Music is Togetherness

We met when we were 20 years old. it’s been 25 years now that we travel the world with our camera and guitare in hand. We love being on the road. after a while we lose track of our goals. just, driving and living the moment, begins to be it. We met amazing women and men while road tripping around the world. playing music was our way to meet and share with them. friends of friends of friends. Playing music is like talking all together at the same time to create a sentence that no one had in mind before. music is togetherness. music is love.

  • Karima Adams

    Karima Adams is a Canadian girl. We met at a birthday party in
    Marrakech. she’s a thinker, a keen observer, always trying to
    understand human relations and human interactions. a charismatic
    woman. With Rami talks leads to melodies and words. Recording
    there sessions is like a word flow that slowly merge into music.

  • Ulona Hooman

    Ulona Hooman is a South - African girl. full of magic.
    she is an old soul. With Rami they love to improvise and let go.
    as she says :
    ‘Trying to catch butterflies"
    Noé is on the drums for that trio. Recording there talks and music improv are like mystical moments...

  • Cecile Gohel & Fred Quota

    Cecile Gohel is a French artist and stylist. They met at Blitz
    Motorcycles Garage in 2013 while working on a song project with
    Fred and Hugo from Blitz. Cecile Gohel is a fire cracker. she’s full
    of energy. she lures you in...a natural entertainer. Playing music
    with ceciIe is like working out. it is all about giving energy and
    encapsulating it in a song. ​Fred Quota is a surprising man. a sharp
    scientist and a talented drummer. an inspiring combination. we
    met him in a train few years ago. we were in the same cabin.
    sometimes things are right and easy... :-) he is the perfect fit for
    Cecile's play.

  • Noé

    Noé and Rami love to improvise together. Father/Son music is so
    powerful no boundaries. no rules. just fun and joy. playing together
    as much as they can.

  • Lili

    Lili is a dancer and a sweet voice. she is 13 years old. with Rami,
    her father, they spend Sundays afternoon writing composing
    singing and taking the time to share ideas.